Mr. Robot Mouse

Digital Creative Agency

Robot Mouse is a digital creative agency. We have experts from all aspects of digital media working for us; from commercial and video production to traffic generation and mobile apps. Please peruse the navigation bar to the left and below.  If it's your first time here, let me give you a brief intro into the mind of  Mr. Robot Mouse.

Starting off as a commercial and music video production hub, Robot Mouse transformed into a Viral Video hot spot. Not only do we create videos for any brand, big or small, but also we can generate traffic and hits to your existing video. The company also facilitates all types of post production work; from editing, color correction, and vfx. Additionally, we are tackling the mobile market too. Please take the time to check out our apps; there are always new ones being devolped and we are open for suggestions.

Our "FastForward" YouTube program is very unique, we help you get more views on YouTube guaranteed. The Fast Forward program is your personal YouTube view increaser. Even better, if you have more views on YouTube, you will automatically get more YouTube subscriptions too. How can we do this? We get more views on YouTube by targeted website traffic through our massive blog roll. No bots here folks, just real people, really watching your videos. YouTube promotion plans start at 1000 views and cap at 100k. We can reach over 25 different countries or if you prefer, just one country. We even have a "Super FastForward" plan which generates tens of thousands of hits for your brand new video, propelling it to the top of YouTube honors charts, ie "most viewed."  This is video marketing at its best.

But we're not stopping with YouTube. We can help drive traffic to your iTunes account too. By sending hits directly to your sales page via advertising, all media on your iTunes account like songs, music videos, apps, games, books, etc. will get more traffic. Combined with a Fast Forward YouTube promotion for a music video, this is a great way to get a huge start on "going viral" while generating sales. iTunes traffic is only targeted to US.

Our "FastForward FB" brings more hits and more fans to your Facebook page. Please keep in mind, that this is only geared for "like" and "fan" pages and we can't do this for you personal page. Sorry nerd, get some real friends.

As stated above, our roots are in production and post production. We still love creating your commercialsviral  and music videos. One of our founding team members has won international awards and is represented as a Director by two commercial production companies. If you need a local or national spot produced, have an idea for a great music video or want to generate some viral video buzz, please don't hesitate to contact us. Even if you already have something filmed and need kick-ass visual effects or color correction, lets talk! Take a look at our demo reel and check back for the post production before and after comps we have updating on a regular basis.

Lastly, our mobile apps. We are constantly developing apps. Still not satisfied? Check back regularly as our work is ever expanding and if you are still reading this, your attention span is greater than mine.