No matter if it's a national broadcast commercial, a local company spot or for web use only; Robot Mouse treats all of our productions the same. We make sure they are all awesome! High quality HD video mixed with high...

West Chester Tourism Spot

Robot Mouse had the pleasure of producing a Tourism commercial for West Chester, PA. The spot is modeled after the CA tourism commercials but with out all the stars. Overall we think it turned out great! Check it out!

Doritos “Smells Awesome”

After a long day at work a man comes home only to find his two roommates have been stinking up the apartment...but in a good way. Now he's on the hunt to find that delicious smell.

Henry Weinhard “Curious”.

Online spot made for Henry Weinhard's national beer campaign. For the longer and unedited Directors cut, click here.  

Doritos “Birthmark”

Spot for Doritos. Two buddies share movie time on the couch when one of the guys gets up for a second, he realizes the Doritos are in jeopardy.

GP Martini “Paid Too Much”

Comedy driven spot for local roofing company. All rain, indoor and out, was CG. The window was green screen set extension. Shot with Panasonic AF-100

Post It Notes “Project”

Spot for Post It Notes. While checking in on an employee, the boss questions where all the post it notes went. To the bosses dismay, he never finds out but the viewer does. Hold on for the surprise ending.