Fast Forward Traffic

Here at Mr. Robot Mouse, we pride ourselves on our unique partnerships with bloggers, websites and everyday people. After all, life is about people right? Right. Thats why our specialized platform promises delivered traffic to your YouTube video, iTunes account or FaceBook page.
Sorry, this service is only available to clients whose videos we produce.

Fast Forward YouTube

If it is targeted traffic you want from your video, the Mr. Robot Mouse guarantee will get any number of views, from 1000 to 100k, directed specifically at your YouTube video. Pretty sweet right? Not only that, but because of this new found traffic, often times your promoted video will get more comments, likes, shares and subscribers. If you are looking for more than 100k hits or less than 1000, I'm sure we can work something out for you.

"Super FastForward" Youtube

We also have a "Super FastForward" program which is designed to get your new video the maximum amount of exposure in the first 48hours of its life on YouTube. This time frame is critical because the first 48hours of a videos life is when it has the only chance of ranking in the YouTube honors (Most Viewed Today, Most Liked Today, Most Commented  or Most Discussed Today. etc).

Its like rocket science, without the lab coats.

FastForward iTunes

If your video is for a song, we can add an iTunes promotion too. Your song or video must already be on iTunes for this to work. Speaking of iTunes, we can also send traffic right to your iTunes account page. If you have a song, music video, apps, books, games, etc. on iTunes, we can create an advertising based promotion to help you get that extra push of traffic. A realistic conversion rate is about 2%-3% at minimum, but lots of our clients have better results.

FastForward Face Book

Thats right, FaceBook! Mr. Robot Mouse promotes FB fan pages. It's not yet available for personal pages. This promotion drives traffic to your FB page, so it's up to the people landing on your page to like it or fan it. There are no guarantees in amounts of fans or likes.

We strongly recommend you are in the entertainment industry and your FaceBook page is geared towards that crowd. However, we can also make this work if you have a fan page for your hip store or unique business. Let us know how we can help you promote your FB page.