Behind the scenes goodies.

This is where we take you behind the scenes and show you how the magic happens. Mostly its photos from set, but sometimes we might have a behind the scenes video or a little something special from the post production...

Pinup Booth Commercial BTS


Behind the scenes from our Pinup Booth Commercial shoot.

Greg Raposo MV


Behind the scenes of Director Chris Sandas music video for Greg Raposo. Robot Mouse handled the Visual Effects and helped a bit on set.

Fleonard Shoot: Day 1


A look at the "Fleonard" series from a creator p.o.v: Day 1.

Johnny Popcorn Music Video

On Set Photos-1894

The making of Johnny Popcorn's "Next Episode" music video.

Fleonard Shoot: Day 2

Robot Mouse_ Digital Creative Agency141

Day 2: Fleonard outdoors and Green Screen.

Doritos Part 1


Behind the scenes from the "Birthmark" Spot. It was "wear blue shirt" day.

Doritos Part 2

Robot Mouse_ Digital Creative Agency_Doritos04

Some of this footage never made it to the final cut. It's special footy.