New Media

We create "new media". By definition, the user has on-demand access to content any time, anywhere, on any device and usually has an interactive experience. This is New Media.

Henry Weinhard Directors Cut

Directors cut of the "Curious" spot for the new national micro brew, Henry Weinhard. For the :30 second version, click here.  

American Pin-up

The one and only "American Pin-ups" pilot. This property is being shopped around LA right now. Robot Mouse produced it and fully handled all post production. Shot by Tommy Oceanak and Kevin Tobin. Directed by Joshua Coyne.

“This is Bob”

A very different kind of short. It's strange, its funny, it's a Robot Mouse Short!

Meet Fleonard

This is the first "Fleonard, God of the Internet" video. If you'd like to see more of Fleonard, click here, or here, or here. And for the real Fleonard fans, take a look at the behind the scenes photos sets 1...

Lake Kandle Promo

Check out a fun day in the sun at Lake Kandle. We shot this with a GH2, 7D and GoPro cameras. After some great color correction, a few good edits and a handful of composite shots, this is the result...


This video is a PSA we did for a great local charity. The Downingtown Skatepark Organization isn't your "average" charaity. These guys want to build a state of the art skate park! And with your help, they just might do...

Retro Lovely Behind The Scenes.

This is "behind the scenes" of Celeste Giuliano's photo shoot for Retro Lovely Magazine. Her 88 page issue came out Dec 2012, perfect time for holiday gifts.Buy the issue here, and see more of her awesome work here.

URB Magazine Justice and WALE

URB Magazine cover shoot of Hip Hop star Wale teaming up and meeting for the first time UK music sensation duo "Justice." This collaborative effort was originally filmed for and URB magazine.