"Josh and Mr. Robot Mouse were the creative force behind the Fleonard Series for Connectify. Josh took complicated technical software and explained it to the general public with a series of fun commercials and movie shorts. The "Mr. Robot Mouse" team led the project from soup to nuts. The commercials created a buzz around Connectify.me, and continue to do so long after the project wrapped.
Josh is creative, organized, professional, and extremely results oriented for his clients.       Mr. Robot Mouse is the way to go.
Service Category: Content Creator
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

-Bhana Grover,
President, Connectify

"I couldn't have accomplished this production without Robot Mouse' added assistance. Josh’s professionalism and skill set helped elevate a project with a small budget to that done with Hollywood backing.  I can't wait for you to see the finished product.  Kudos to you.  I know I went with the right person and company from day 1 and looking at what you've done with the footage I gave you, I can't help but feel like I need to buy a lottery ticket using the same instincts".

Rafick Khan, 
RMK Media Group

“Josh is a super creative producer with an extreme range of well-rounded skills. As a director and content producer, Josh has a great handle for comedy as well as narrative storytelling. He would make an excellent addition to any production company".

Zosimo Maximo,
Creative Director, Vimby.com

 “Josh is one of the most creative and highly-focused filmmakers I have ever worked with. We first met at Columbia College Film School and became quick friends and collaborators. He constantly went above and beyond on all projects and that tradition has continued into his professional work today. Even as head of Robot Mouse, he regularly goes out of his way to help his co-workers, his peers, and his team. His work has continued to amaze me as he grows with each project. He is truly multi-talented, and is as comfortable compositing in After Effects as he is directing a set, or helping the PA carry a sandbag (if need be).  I am confident that Josh and Robot Mouse will be a truly valuable asset to any company/brand/band that chooses to hire him for his amazing video talents. Josh is the definition of Professional, a real pleasure to work with and I miss him dearly in Chicago".

Nick Nummerdor 
Owner, Little Cabin Films Inc.

“I have worked with Tommy on multiple videos for my band, Atomic Square, and his work is always top notch. His knowledge in his field along with his technical knowledge and equipment are beyond professional. What he does is an absolute art and is incomparable. I will always look to Tommy for my cinematography needs. His expertise carried with his friendly, easy-going personality always makes for a fun experience. Highly, highly recommend him!” 

Thomas Ryan
 Musician, Atomic Square 

“If you want to know anything about film or television, Tommy is the person to see. Tommy has a huge amount of knowledge about lighting, cameras, and much, much more. Tommy really takes cameras, lights, and gels and paints a beautiful picture. He has a great talent and I highly recommend Tommy.

Michael Stellino
 Rowan University,
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