Viral Videos

Here at Robot Mouse, we take pride in our viral videos. We create branded viral content for clients who want to reach a bigger audience than TV and traditional advertising can promise.  

Celeste Giuliano’s “Pinup Face-off”

From average girl to pin-up knock out, this is the amazing transformation in becoming a pin-up bombshell. This video quickly jumped pass 5K views in the first week.  

Fleonard “BFF”

Robot Mouse was in charge of creating a series of character driven viral videos for Connectify, a software company. We shot for a few days and came out with 50+ videos starring our main character Fleonard (also created by Robot...

iVibe Massager Spot

Spot we made internally for our app iVibe Massager. The video took off like wild fire, gaining 11k views the first day...valentines day. Buy the app here:

Fleonard “Rick Roll”

Part of the "Fleonard" series. We created a few different versions of the classic "Rick Roll". What do you think?

Jim Beam “Marriage”

Used for web advertising in "pre-roll" video and on Jim Beam's website: A sleazy bachelor thinks his girlfriend is going to sit him down for "the marriage talk". After he freaks out and psychs himself up, she actually has some...

Old Spice “Hidden Camera Prank”

Branded viral content for Old Spice. A prankster plays an awful joke on his friend who happens to be late for work. The camera is hiding in the bushes.