iVibe Massager & iVibe Massager Lite iPhone App

Check out  iVibe Massager and iVibe Massager Lite. Thats right folks, Mr. Robot Mouse made a vibrating cell phone app. Gross...kinda. Currently we have a handful of apps in development. Keep an eye on this page and our for updates. For more info on iVibe Massager, check out ivibemassager.com. CAUTION: May contains some "R" Rated material. And yes, all you Android users, we have just released iVibe Massager in the Android Market. Finally Android users can join the hundreds of thousands of "satisfied" iOS iVibe Massager users. Download it today!

iVibe Massager and iVibe Massager Lite are available in the app store. See link here. They will not work with iPod touch.

Relax with iVibe. Full version has 4 different vibrational modes, all of which come complete with mesmerizing graphics. This app makes great use of the iPhone’s internal vibrating. Turn iVibe on and use it in the car ride after work. Lock the screen and let the phone  massage the stress away. Put it under your pillow and let iVibe gently soothe you to sleep. It’s great for helping sooth the baby back to sleep or loosening up that tense back pain. Are your feet sore at work? Try iVibe and see how much more relaxed you feel.

iVibe Massager Lite  includes “Full Speed” and “Brightness” settings only. Ads enabled.

iVibe Massager full version includes “Full Speed, “Fast Pulse”, “Slow Pulse” and “Random” vibrational modes. Also includes “Brightness Settings” “Password Protection” and a “Screen lock” feature. This version is ad free!


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Thanks RM